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How to Author Your Own Book--- and have Killer success!

April 12, 201659 min
I'm finally doing it.
Last week I was offered my very first book publishing contract. For years others tried to convince me to write a book, but I was never quite in the mood. My publicist, television and radio partners, managers and colleagues in my industry all had the same tough love lecture for me.

" You need a book. It will make a big difference in helping you reach personal and professional goals."

I wasn't so easy to convince.
The truth is I was still licking my wounds from five years earlier. I had enthusiastically signed a contract with a reputable literary agent and dedicated myself to 11 grueling months of writing a 60 page book proposal. After more than 18 rounds of edits, the proposal was ultimately rejected by every major publisher that we pitched it to. In a snap, all my big visions, hope of a big pay off (big paycheck!) and sleepless late night editing sessions were brushed aside without matter. I felt disregarded, abandoned and WASTED. So much precious time had been

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