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How to be a TOP EARNER in Network Marketing

September 15, 201560 min
Why all the hype about Network Marketing?

Also referred to as Multi-level Marketing (MLM) and Direct selling (DSA), Network Marketing is a method of marketing goods and services to consumers which has created business opportunities for more than 18 million Americans in every state, congressional district and community in the country while generating $34 billion ($114 billion globally) in revenue each year. Ninety percent of direct selling consultants work fewer than 30 hours a week and the industry shows no signs of diminishment.

No WONDER this industry attracts so many parents who are looking to replace their corporate incomes with something more flexible! But are they successful?

Building fortunes... or flops?

The biggest question for many seems to be the confusion of the wage gap between the highest and the lowest earners. If the income earning potential is the same for everyone, then why is it that SOME network marketers earn tens of thousands every month while others (who seem

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