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How to be Healthy AND Happy during the Holidays

December 1, 201560 min
The choice to DEPRIVE or DELIGHT yourself...

It's the season of parties, eating yourself into a coma and cookie exchanges galore. Why does it feel like we have to choose between the either/or of torturing our physical bodies or denying them any fun during the most celebrated time of the year?

For 10 months out of the year, I am committed to a very healthy lifestyle. During the last 2 months of the year, I am equally committed to the exact opposite. It's the only time that I eat and drink whatever I want without the worry of the carb, caloric or fat content. I usually pay for it with an extra 6 pounds... which is what I expect going in...but is it REALLY worth it?

You can have it... but do you really WANT it?

Even though I will grant myself several weeks of sweet and rich food galore, I usually can't last more than a few days of excessiveness. No matter how hard I try to commit to an over indulgent diet of sugar, fat and alcohol--- I end up caving.

Cheating on cheating.

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