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How to Be Your Own Motivator

April 26, 201458 min
You've listened to other inspirational stories. Now it's time to listen to your own. We all have a story to tell, but hands down- your story is the best one there is. No matter where you are in your journey- there is an inspirational screenplay in the making with you playing the role of the protagonist, the hero and the champion. Don't quite see it? There is tremendous value in living in the moment - in treasuring every trial and tribulation and having pride in your "war wounds". We learn through struggle. We become stronger each time we fall down. We gain valuable insight by doing - much more than listening to others tell us how to do it. For most of us, there isn't a lot that we aren't willing to do to achieve our ultimate success. Before we invest ourselves emotionally, financially and mentally however, we want to know that there will be an ultimate pay off. We are cautious. We can't afford to waste our precious time on a business concept that might suck up our resources and leave u

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