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How to Build Something from Nothing

August 11, 201560 min
Got nothin'? Build something ANYWAY.
If you have an idea that lifts you up-- the worst thing you can do is HESITATE. Some of the most successful people in the world started with nothing but an idea. It wasn't the IDEA that was valuable... as much as the passion behind the idea.
Just start to take action ...on anything.
If your passion is potent, it's all you need to acquire everything else.
Research. Raise funds. Seek mentor-ship. Ask questions. Write down ideas. Create a game plan. ACT NOW while you are still excited about your idea.... and move as far FORWARD as you can before the fear creeps in and you begin to talk yourself out of it.
Acknowledge the fear and do it anyway.
Don't quit, just keep going. You know from experience that there will be a voice that will appear and will attempt to talk you out of it. DON'T YOU DARE LISTEN. Stay on task and keep at it. It won't be easy and you might dwindle, but you'll be a lot better off than you were had you not started.
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