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How to Develop Qualities of Improved Consciousness

March 15, 201659 min
"Men need to learn how to be in touch with their feelings, but not ruled by them."

- Dr. John Gray, Author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus
Holding Ourselves to a Higher Standard

As parents, business leaders and soul seekers we feel called to a purpose and therefore we must learn to recognize the importance of standing in full integrity in all that we do. Curiosity is a conduit for moving forward, but ultimate results involves learning to make choices for how we show up, honor ourselves and create stories that validate the essence of our most authentic selves. In other words, our ability to achieve our highest potential means choosing to have an unfiltered connection to our minds and higher level of consciousness.
Consciousness is no longer just for Women

Being able to experience a deeper bond of mindfulness is now being explored by both genders, however, the way the experience is translated takes on different properties depending on the identifiable gender.

Both men AND w

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