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I am Not a Bully, I am Just A Mom

September 4, 201459 min
If you know a child bully, look closer at where they maybe learning their behavior. The apple never falls far from the tree, which is why moms and kids alike are tormented. It's bad enough that kids bully other kids. But look out for another rascal on the playground. Do you know her? THE BULLY MOM aka The Monster in The Minivan. Either you've seen her terrorize others, or she's come after you personally. She's always got a juicy rumor to share about another mom, or worse: a child. She's the one who made you feel bad because you couldn't breast-feed.... or labeled you the "boob Nazi" because you dared to nurse in public. You may have a regular group of moms in your play-date, but she's always "forgetting" to invite certain women. Or is it more than 1 mom? Perhaps an entire group of culprits are making you sweat each time you see them. Bullies tend to flock together, excluding the new mom on the playground, or flat out ignoring the mom who just moved into the area hoping to make some new

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