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Is your child... PSYCHIC?

September 20, 201666 min
Learning the Power of our Souls
There are moments in our lives that we just can't explain--- moments that seem a little TOO coincidental. However, most of us don't recall anything weird or unexplainable happening when we were young children. We were more accepting of the synchronicities.

The term SYNCHRONICITY was coined by the late great Carl Jung. He defined it as a meaningful coincidence that had the effect of breaking through the “rationalistic shell” of the modern scientific mind.

Raising Children with a Healthy and Spiritual Foundation
My friend, as a parent you may be exploring or seeking your own spiritual path and your own truths. Whether you are well grounded in your own beliefs or you are in the process of trying to understand what you believe, it is never too early to explore spiritual ideas with your children.

Remember, your children are also spiritual beings, having a human experiences just as you are.

Psychic Sensitive Children
We ALL feel that our children are speci

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