This Little Parent Stayed Home

Keeping joy in a competitive industry

March 31, 201562 min
Becoming self-employed is like having a second chance at LIFE.

It is not uncommon for the birth of a child to bring about a sense of creativity in a new parent. After all, we have just revealed our greatest capacity for CREATING. It makes a lot of sense that this life transition may unleash more than just your maternal instincts. Now that you are viewing the world through a parent's eyes, it makes sense that you would want to contribute more to the environment in which your child is being raised. Along with a desire to trade a corporate career for self-employment, it's natural to develop a deep love for works of art that inspire beauty, deeper meaning, and inner peace.
Bathe yourself in creativity.

Now that you are in a position to CHOOSE your next career why not choose one that brings you personal fulfillment? Whether it be music, painting, creative writing, or interpretive dance... the possibility of earning an income by doing what you love is worth exploring. After all, finding yo

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