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Launch a Home Biz w/ Little Capital

March 2, 201457 min
Whether you are just at the beginning stages of your new home career or you've had a decent amount of success growing your small business and are ready to catapult yourself to the next level, additional capital needs to be considered. Starting with a larger investment might enable you to grow your business more aggressively, but if you don't happen to have deep pockets you can find ways to fund your business through other areas of value. It's pretty simple really. You can't afford to hire a web designer? Spend a few days scouring the internet for free YouTube tutorials and teach yourself how to do it for nothing. What you lack in funding you can make up with time. The bottom line is you shouldn't let a great business idea fall by the wayside because you lack capital. If you have a stellar idea, a viable business plan and a whole lot of passion, there are always options for finding a way to launch your business. So tighten up those belts and get ready to ask the right questions about how to get the money you need to get going. How much do you need to have saved to be able to leave your corporate salary and begin working for yourself full time? How much should you invest in your business? How much of your return should you keep for yourself and how much should be invested back into the business? Do you need an investor? How does that work? How long should you wait for a return before changing your methods? How do you create a budget for your business? What are the basic start-up costs for a new home based business? (Licenses, trademark, website, patents, etc...) Known as the "Financial Mom" Pam Otten will be answering these questions and more.

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