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Madhouse without the Mommy Migraine

February 3, 201458 min
Flustered or unfazed? I am all about simple. Actually that is a blatant lie. I often look at others who seem to have it all together and I wonder what it would be like if I simplified the chaos in my life. On the days that I do actually feel caught up and organized- it doesn't last long. I imagine it's because a clean slate is an inviting opportuntity to take on a messy new project. Which makes me wonder... Do we thrive on chaos? If there is one thing I've gotten really good at, it's learning to dissect everything. Our lives are like one big puzzle to be solved and each experience brings us new clues to live more fully, abundantly, and purposefully. I just got back from speaking to a deeply passionate and intimate group of people at the Booya Bootcamp with Martin Presse. As a speaker I am hired to inspire -- An absolute dream job. Especially when I think about how inspired I get when I listen to everyone else's stories. I absolutely love connecting with new people. I am always shocked to learn how completely HUMAN we all are. We all have had good and bad experiences in life, love, and business. We've had our hearts broken, our egos shattered, and many of our dreams destroyed before they were ever fully defined. We have also experienced heavenly joy, divine awesomeness, and a love for our families that can not be replaced by a simplistic life experience and a sparkling house. How we choose to embrace it is what defines us. Those of us who love our truths are less tormented by them. We are able to float through life effortlessly. Nothing knocks us down - at least not permanently. We wear our scars like badges of honor. We laugh more, learn more and yes --- make more money. I am so excited to introduce you to 2 very special people tomorrow. Anna Marie Martin will be joining me as co-host and is quite frankly the greatest Virtual Assistant on the planet. It wasn't long after I'd gotten to know her that I offered her a staff position on Our Milk Money as head webmaster. I love going to her with new projects because she always gets so excited to take on new challenges and she is always so grateful for the experience. Who wouldn't love to work with someone with her attitude? Speaking of positive energy, I'll be introducing you to Sandy Fowler, another fellow Toginet Host, and the most spirited Mom you've ever heard. Sandy is filled with clever and resourceful strategies for decluttering, destressing and deactivating depression! Want to venture into the Holiday Season without the headache? Sandy is your gal.

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