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February 3, 201458 min
The biggest regrets come from the failure to think big from the start. Stop and consider for a moment that we really do have access to the same tools and resources- in everything we do. You may not have been born with the natural ability to understand business, but learning the skills that you need to take action is as easy as choosing to absorb new insight. Their are infinite channels of enterprise available worldwide with immediate results at almost no cost - and learning to leverage these channels is worth more than any price tag. It all begins with a little bit of hunger for knowledge. As a busy work-at-home parent, the digital age can be a blessing and a curse. Emerging media sources are exploding, but traditional media platforms still play an important role in giving exposure to small business. If only you knew how to cut through that fierce competition. Remember that everything worthwhile comes with hard work and perseverance. Most of the time, the reward is simply given to the ones who never threw in the towel... even when they most wanted to. This week, I am pleased to introduce you to a long-time colleague who I've had the pleasure of watching blossom in her business and brand. Beginning with her creation of a gorgeous online shopping mall with more than 75 virtual stores within Shabby Lane Shops, Catherine Monceaux has expanded her architectural vision into a beautiful newsstand magazine, now available in top stores such as Barnes and Noble. Catherine's passion for her enterprise is fueled by the love that she has for her children... a resource that we all have in our toolbox. We have more commonality than we often realize. Joining us once again as co-host is my good friend, Tania Mulry. We'll be sharing some exciting new developments with you in regards to mobile media marketing.

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