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Make your Online Biz Mobile Friendly

January 11, 201457 min
Blight? or Blessing? Depending on the way you look at things, this generation's fast booming presence of the internet can feel overwhelming to some, and over bountiful to others. C-H-A-N-G-E is not always easy, but if you are willing to progress forward, you are more likely to beat the rush hour of the cyberspace highway. ---Are we like mice trapped in a maze waiting for someone else to give us the "cheese" that we feel ENTITLED to?--- Revisit this past show where we talked about the cult favorite book --> Who moved my cheese? <--and how YOU could be killing off your business and joining the extinct by simply wishing for the things to return to how they "used to be". GET UP TO SPEED! Technology of the 21st century has radically changed our daily routines, our opportunities in business and our family lives in new and REVOLUTIONARY ways. Instead of feeling inconvenienced by the digital age we live in -- try showing some GRATITUDE. After all, most of us would never have the small businesses that we do without data technology --without the blog-o-sphere-- without cyber-connection-- without DIGITAL MOBILITY. Mobile Websites: Your new business card. So-- you finally understand the importance of having an online presence--- you broke down and got yourself a snazzy business website. ---DON'T GET TOO COMFORTABLE--- because NOW it's time to make your website "mobile friendly." WOW. Just when we were starting to feel "in the game" the game has changed... AGAIN. The new reality is that 70% of online searches are now done on mobile devices. Congratulations. If you have kept up so far--- your website allows you TO BE FOUND online. Now it's time to get MOBILE FRIENDLY. Stop the endless pinching, scrolling, and copy-pasting to make a phone call. Did you know---? 59% of mobile users only look at the first page of a website. 74% of mobile users will leave a mobile site if it doesn’t load in 5 seconds. 50% of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site if they had trouble accessing it. 33% of mobile users choose to go to a competitor’s site rather than reload the site they are trying to access. Don't act as if we've never been here before. Remember VHS tapes? Not only did we convert those big bulky organizational nightmares into shiny little DVDs, we found digital recording devices (DVRs), flattened out our TVs and widened it's screens to recreate the experience of sitting in a movie theater. We even went back and converted old films and home movies into the new format. NICE--NEAT--CONVENIENT. How about telecommunications? Answering machines that "ate up" your messages with tangled up tapes are a long gone thing of the past and have been replaced with film-less --cyber-- voice mail messaging and the ability to reach ANYONE instantly through TEXTING. You have no choice to keep up ...and... it's a good thing. On today's live show, expert Karen Kanefsky-- from --will be educating us on the need to make our business websites "mobile friendly" and how to upgrade our customer's digital experience when connecting with us ON-THE-GO. Tomorrow's Opportunities Are Being Created Today. If you have a "spark" of an idea, and the passion to drive it forward, you won't want to miss the first 10 minutes of tomorrow's show. Tory Johnson will be making an UBER special appearance to tell us why YOU should be attending this year's Spark and Hustle-- and why you will get even more out of it THIS YEAR. Want to know why I am such a fan of Tory Johnson? She listens. She cares. She is motivated by YOUR success... not her own ego (like so many other business guru's tend to be --In my HUMBLE opinion... ahem...) Spark and Hustle is more EXTREME than ever because this year there will be LESS LISTENING to other people's success stories, and MORE CREATING of your own success stories. That means, more ACTION PLANS, more PERSONAL FEEDBACK from Tory and her team of experts, and more ways to maximize your BBFs (Best Business Friends). What you will NOT GET is a

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