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Master your "Mommy Brain"

June 10, 201459 min
Our minds don't work the same way as others.
Nope. You are not crazy.

The term "mommy brain" is not just an abstract notion that comes from lack of sleep, scatterbrain, and forgetfulness. Studies have shown that women's brains actually GROW during the early years of motherhood. Take THAT, indignity!

Before you check yourself into an institution for LOSING IT ...completely, the loss of memories for names, trivia and other ordinary things that come from giving birth... IT MAY JUST be that the brains of new moms simply have new priorities.
It's true. Your "Mommy Brain" has made you WISER.

In fact, according to new research, there is a significant amount of growth in a number of brain regions that motivate a mother to take care of her baby, feel rewarded when the baby smiles at her, and fill her with positive emotions from simple interactions with her children. It's not a coincidence that these are the very same brain areas that are also involved in planning and foresight, creativity, r

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