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Mastery of Self

July 12, 201637 min
Don't like this reality? CHANGE IT.
If you are aching for peace and harmony, you are not alone. Recent events has filled the media, workspace and cyber boards with adversity and distress around the world. Being emotionally depleted from such heartbreak can lead to aggressiveness, anger and feeling out of balance.... but you don't have to play that game.

If peace is what you seek, let peace be your response.
One of the greatest lessons in A Course in Miracles is that in order to battle with others we must invest ourselves into the fight. In other words, defensiveness STEALS YOUR ENERGY and demands that you explain yourself to people who will deliberately misinterpret you for their own ego. It's like screaming into a vacuum... a waste of your precious time in this lifetime.

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I am honored to be introducing you to the great Miguel Ruiz Jr., son of Don Miguel Ruiz, one of the greatest New Age spiritual enlightenment teachers of the century.
Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. is a Nagu

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