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Meet Film & TV Celeb Mom, Kaitlin Olson

May 20, 201457 min
A Mom is a Mom is a Mom... But my favorite kind of mom is one with a sense of humor. Which is why I am over the moon about having a good laugh with my dear friend, Kaitlin Olson on Friday's show. You know her from her hit television comedy series, It's Always Sunny in Phillidelphia on FX, or from her recurring roles on Curb Your Enthusiasm, Meet the Marks, The Drew Carey Show, Miss Match and countless others. Yep, she's a celebrity, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't proud to know her although not for the reason you might think. If there is one person who has stayed completely grounded despite her fame in Hollywoodland, Kaitlin is the girl. Its not often you meet someone who has it all- beauty, brains, talent, and love. She's the full package... and she's not all that different from me and you. We are in for a real treat!

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