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Mom Business Leaders... Join the Revolution!

May 10, 201659 min
The global trend that was started by Mom
Fed up with a world that demands that women earn half of their family's household income, but refuses to pay them equally and penalizes them for having children... it's no wonder that Moms have started their own businesses in record numbers.

Congratulations. We've rewritten the cultural American landscape.
Whether you realize it or not, you have contributed to the movement that changed work and family life in revolutionary ways. While corporations were scratching their heads, 30 million women were creating new wealth and contributing to a surge of global employment opportunities for the last 10 years.

The "Mom" movement has grown exponentially...and is STILL experiencing growing pains.
Still, there is some disappointment.
(Don't worry. You are NOT the only one!) Many mom(no apostrophe)s in business are still not earning what they had hoped to when they were first bitten by the entrepreneur bug. Everywhere you look there is another social media

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