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Momprenuership : The New Idealogy

May 19, 201559 min
The New Age of MOM
Mothers are Valuable

When it comes to the kind of "work" that moms do-- be it housework, childcare, or business -- moms are no longer being dismissed or devalued as they were in previous generations. With an increase in mom-owned businesses and the success of business women who have made a point of making their family a top priority, America is beginning support moms in practice rather than just in theory.
Mothers are Growing the Economy

Moms are the #1 consumer demographic and are leading the race in the digital space as the top influencers in social media...tipping the scales in favor of maternal empowerment. Today’s flexible, networked, product-recommended driven entrepreneurial culture is run by the "Mom Mafia". Want advice on the best handyman in town? The neighborhood's hottest hangout? The latest and greatest new baby gadget? Ask any mom. Moms ALWAYS give the best word-of-mouth advertising.
Mothers are Natural Innovators

In most of the cases, most million d

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