This Little Parent Stayed Home

Moms and the Metaphysical

December 16, 201460 min
Extraordinary careers come from extraordinary gifts.

Some work-at-home moms are in direct sales. Others have made a great career our of being a virtual assistant. This one talks to GHOSTS.

Mary Ann Winkowski isn't so different than the rest of us. She is married with two daughters, lives in a suburban town in Ohio where she attends church every Sunday---and --- she's made a career out of her ability to see and speak to the non-living.
The Human Side of Paranormal

Mary Ann's grandmother noticed her unusual ability when she was practically a baby. By the time Mary Ann was four years old, she was attending neighborhood funerals to broker communication between those who had died and their living loved ones. Word of her extraordinary abilities spread, and Mary Ann was soon accompanying her grandmother on "social calls," where Mary Ann would confront earthbound spirits who were sharing homes with the living. This ability stayed with Mary Ann through her adolescence into adulthood, and the

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