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Moms, Get Your SEXY back!

March 2, 201457 min
Hot mamas know how to work it in the bedroom and in the boardroom! I'd like to think that we've been through enough together and have moved well beyond being embarrassed about asking the tough questions. We know that sex sells and we know that sex heals. So why not use a little sex to up our game in business? This week I am bringing on my good friend, Lou Paget, a well known Certified Sex Educator prominently featured on HBO and FOX. This Friday there won't be anything holding us back from telling it like it is... and getting down and dirty. You will LOVE Lou. Beside Lou being a complete blast to spend the hour with, you will learn things about the world of sex that you didn't know affected our every day lives as moms, soon-to-be-moms and entrepreneurs. Don't tune this one out because you think this show doesn't apply to you. Too many women (including myself) have opted not to pay attention to their sexual power simply because they didn't have the time to make it a priority. The truth is that those that join us this week will be one step ahead in business, parenting, and female empowerment. I Choose to be a Hot Mama! Do you? Lou Paget will be covering everything an empowered Hot Mama needs to know, from the questions she is too embarrassed to ask to things she wishes someone would give her permission to do! This goes beyond nurturing your sex life straight to the smart, sexy, and incredibly savvy! Come learn how to be a Hot Mama!

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