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February 28, 201457 min
Being a stay-at-home parent is a thankless job without pay, without bathroom breaks, and somehow it manages to deplete what little we have from our bank accounts. From the outside it must look like torture and yet the work-at-home parent revolution is still rising by tens of thousands each year. Why would parents choose to come home if they are so miserable? Because they are not. They may not have much sanity left, but they have chosen this path because it gives them freedom. The businesses that we build from our homes are not to fund extravagant lifestyles. They afford us the opportunity to be with our children, raise them, and play a significant role in their growth and development. This is no easy feat, but we have made this choice and we are willing to do what it takes to keep us at home where we feel we are most needed. If there is one thing I learned when I launched, it's the power we have in numbers, it's the influence we have over each other to create trends that work in our favor, and the community that thrives on a commonality: the love we have for our families. Why ask others to support us in our endeavors when we can support each other? Don't waste time trying to convince others that your choice to come home is noble or apologize for your disruptive children when on the phone with a client. Isn't it time that we stop trying to prove to the world that we are significant? It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Moms are breaking new ground even if we have to drive in the slow lane. Slow and steady always wins the race. There are enough of us setting the same intention that we can make a difference by working together. That is why I love organizations like Honor the Mom and Hula Frog. Both are organizations run by moms for moms. There is nothing like building upon our spirit of sisterhood. This week we'll be talking about how you can stay involved in the Mom community and how it will work to your advantage resulting in all the support you'll ever need to drive your own ambitions.

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