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Open Coaching Day for MomPreneurs

March 5, 201458 min
Choose to Live in a World of Progress and Forward Motion Want the life you are in. Easier said than done... or is it? Some people make it look so effortless. The truth is that it can become effortless once you have made a habit out of it. Ahhhh, yes. Creating a new habit is where you might be getting hung up. If getting a new perspective is all you need, that means its time to declutter your current perception of things. You must train yourself. Letting go of limited beliefs simply requires re-training and refining. All too often we become trapped by misconceptions that our destiny is determined by some acutely miserable incidents that life throws our way. ...unless you choose to believe that these "incidents" are disguised as something else. Blessings? Opportunities? Lessons? Use your creative force to thrive on these endeavors. We can't be afraid to trust that we possess a powerful spirit - the same spirit that helped us to create and nurture our children. We can use this empowered spirit to help us apply for a business loan, quit our day jobs to work for ourselves, or call up an intimidating client to close the deal. To deny this spirit would be almost as bad as settling for mediocrity. You don't want that for your children, so why accept that for yourself? Let go of limiting beliefs and you will achieve a better perspective in all you do. If you are truly ready to be in a better reality, you must be willing to see things differently than in the past. Negative illusions might be holding you back from knowing that it is a grand thing just to be alive. More than that, it could be preventing you from broadcasting a powerful message to the world that only you were meant to deliver. If you are truly ready to become a pioneer, than you must be willing to invest more into your creative core. Dare to stand before the Universe when it presents you with a challenge and ask, "Is that all ya got?" My guest this week is... you. I will be opening up the phone lines to address any challenges you may be facing in your business, your family or your personal life. If you would like to join us with a challenging question of your own, book your FREE COACHING SPOT NOW.

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