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Outserving Your Competition

December 16, 201357 min
Choose your mentors strategically. If you are a SELF-STARTING, ACTION-ORIENTED small business owner, who is committed to taking your business to the next level--- you won't want to miss today's interview with Michelle Pippin. Last week we talked about my tribe of BBFs (Business Best Friends) with Leah Jantzen and Patty Lennon... who---ironically---had to take over the show last week as I drove my family "off the grid" to an out-of-state family funeral. ((Thank goodness for mom tribes and business besties... right???)) My tribe IS my support system... the gals who GET ME and accept me. In addition to my "tribe" I have 2 mentors---and these women serve a different purpose in my self-made career. They might "get me" but their job is NOT to pat me on the back and give me an abundance of "atta girls" when I need to be pushed passed my comfort zone. My mentors are there to help me to STRIVE FURTHER out of my reach... They DO NOT allow me to make excuses... or at the very least not TREAT excuses as ROAD BLOCKS--- and if it weren't for my mentors--- I would be swimming in circles year after year. "Business success is more strategy than secret" ~B. Michelle Pippin Many gurus would have you believe that business success is mysterious, mystical even… that there are “secrets” they can reveal that will have money pouring in....OVERNIGHT and --really?-- on "autopilot" (always makes me laugh!!) The truth is that there ARE tested and proven strategies for getting more clients NOW for your business or practice, and Michelle Pippin is the best there is when it comes to learning these "tricks" of the trade. What I have learned from Michelle is this---> the MAGIC isn’t in the “information”, it is in the application. If you want results, you are going to have to get creative in your EXECUTION of your strategy--- and this CAN BE done without compromising what makes you great as a passionate business owner. If your business could use a little "nip/ tuck" you'll want to tune in today--- and just a little tip--- you'll want to have a notebook ready to take notes. YOU WILL LEARN AN ABUNDANCE from Michelle Pippin--- because everyone always does!! ...and it won't take much for you to understand WHY she is one --of only two-- of my personal chosen business strategist mentors.

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