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Parental Shagology... Let's Get it On.

November 24, 201560 min
Are our kids... Obstructing our Couplehood?
Before you blame those little intimacy interrupters for taking away your "just us" time, statistics show that the longer we are married, the less frequently we do it. So while finding yourself in bed next to your partner year after year is important, proximity isn’t everything. Even if you are getting it on several times a week, marital sex loses its heat over time.

It's okay.
EVERYTHING loses heat over time.
As human beings we become ho-hum about just about everything in our lives. Anything that might be thrilling at first (new car, new job, new house, new toys) lessens as our nervous system adapts so that new thing isn’t so stimulating anymore.

Get your intimacy back on track
The good news is that the sexual spark doesn’t have to go out just because you’ve been together for--you know-- ages. Start with TALKING about it. Seriously. Like beyond “wanna?” and “no, go away.” Show a little tenderness, fold some laundry and TALK. Then AC

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