This Little Parent Stayed Home


December 29, 201357 min
Play Big. Play Bold. Moms and Dads --- those of you who are running your own business --- do you realize that YOU are a unique breed? You are powerful, motivated, service-oriented -- and most of you launched FAST into business with nothing more than an idea ...and some faith. What happens when a business is run with ---oh... not much more that that? Working too many hours and getting nowhere fast. If you are a small business owner (and a MOM or DAD!) can't even PRETEND that you don't relate to the bold header above =) It's no fun being BUSY and BROKE... and ---really--- it doesn't make much for healthy living OR healthy parenting OR healthy business growth and sustainability. Business Moms and Dads, it's NO WONDER that you struggle with balancing parenthood and personhood with businesshood. Instead of working harder, it's time to STRUCTURE smarter. Once your business is ORGANIZED, you may be ready to hire out the pieces ---with success. Keep the big picture in perspective. Small Business expert and leader, Kim Flynn will be welcomed onto This Little Parent Stayed Home today to show us HOW we can to stand in our power as the CEO of our business and WHY the role of leadership can never be hired out. In addition, we'll be talking about WHY we need training, WHAT kind of training will most benefit us (and not tease us or break our banks with empty promises!) HOW to set up a support system, and HOW to eliminate focus leaks. It doesn't matter if you are a BEGINNER in your biz or an EXPERIENCED business parent with a purpose, YOU. WILL. LOVE. Kim's NO APOLOGY content and no-nonsense style! Looking for a check-list of to-do’s to immediately implement into your business? Tune in to today's show!

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