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Parents, Embrace the Crazy!

February 28, 201457 min
If we weren't crazy before we became parents, we certainly are now. I admit it. I love crazy people. Let me clarify. I love people who embrace their craziness. Why try to hide it when you can make it work to your advantage? It's the crazy ones who get. stuff. done. It's the crazy ones who invent new products, take them as far as they will go, and then invent something new when the first product becomes old news. It's the crazy people who always land the big accounts and close the biggest deals because they are not afraid of the word "no" It's the crazy ones who demand to know the rules just so they can officially push the boundaries. It's the crazy parents who obsess about getting their child into the most ideal pre-school, without which they may never get a decent shot to get them into college or grad school. How crazy are you? But more importantly, how crazy are you willing to be? Are you crazy? Or just stressed out? The difference between crazy and stressed out is the FUN aspect. Crazy can be a blast. Stress is just a downer. So how do we keep it light and enjoyable? Humor, of course. I am so excited about this week's guest. I might as well hand over the microphone and let her take over. I heard Dr. Nancy Berk on my friend Angie Mozillo's show, Mom of Many Hats Radio, and couldn't stop laughing. Laughing?! Sometimes, in the day to day meshugana (Yiddish for "crazy") I forget how to let those ha-ha's out for some fresh air. Do you ever wonder "When did I get so serious??" Nancy Berk is a Stand-up Comedian AND a clinical Psychologist. Talk about a unique and fertile concept! The world can always use more humor- especially in an area that usually has our sanity slipping away on a daily basis. We are going to have some fun on Friday! The topic is about preparing for college, but really Nancy Berk is filled with great insight to get us through all the parenting years.

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