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May 20, 201458 min
They say art is a way of life...but can you live it?   There are people who have spent their lifetime making sacrifices for their art. Why not do the same for our children, our businesses and our ideal way of life?   The "struggling artist" very often gets a bad reputation for being poor, irresponsible, or unclear about what their priorities should be. But consider for a moment what we can learn from this generation's artist. Take away the desire to "make money" and replace it with the desire to "make art" and you'll see exactly how its possible to live beneath your means in a way that makes you happy and filled with joy on a daily basis.   Struggling to survive in a bad economy? Ask a stage actress who has been living in her own personal recession for her entire career. In massive business debt? Ask a theater company how they've managed to survive performing to only half-filled houses. Feeling empty or undernourished from being forced to live a more frugal lifestyle? Ask the poet how

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