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Parents, We Are Connected

April 25, 201458 min
I have had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of parents in the last 4 years, and that number grows rapidly each day. One thing that remains consistent in what I have learned from you as parents: We really are more alike than different. It should come as no surprise that we are motivated by the exact same thing: Our love for our children. We may be activated through different means of achieving our goals, different passions, career aspirations and lifestyle visions, but the driving force is still the same. Why then, do we feel so alone? Today there is a greater ability to connect with one another than in any past generation. There has never been a better time for moms and dads to claim their place in society and earn their way to freedom, all while making a difference for our children and the future that awaits them. Thanks to the interactive media, gone are the days of the lonely house parent who has no means of connecting to other grown-up intelligence. We have resources! We m

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