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Past Life Parenting and Regression Therapy

May 31, 201659 min
Turn Regression into Progression
A few weeks ago, I traveled back into another lifetime. I had only intended to experience a regression for research purposes, but what I came away with was life altering. I went in with the intention to understand what having insight into a past life might reveal for us in our present reality. I had heard that visiting a past life could fill in gaps to life's puzzles and while I knew that I had many missing pieces, I NEVER could have predicted the outcome.

Past life...parallel reality... alternate Universe... or DELUSION?
Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past incarnations. Though, in the spiritual and psychology community there is some exploratory discussion and debate about what actually occurs during a therapy regression session. Whether you believe in a Holographic Universe, (the belief that all realities are happening simultaneously) Karma, (the sum of a person's actions in previous states of existence w

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