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Permission to Take a Break

January 25, 201457 min
he most difficult part of being your own boss is knowing when to take a break. No one really intended for the holiday season to be stressful. So why does it become increasingly overwhelming each year? Let's dissect it. (It's my favorite thing to do!) The holidays have become more diverse and although it may take more effort to keep all the annual traditions equally balanced, I have to admit that I really love how much we have progressed as a society. Chrismakah. Shismakah. It's all in good fun. Last night I hosted my annual Hanukkah party for the neighborhood kids which is always ironic because my kids are the only ones there who are actually Jewish. I never intended to be the mom responsibile for giving culture to the non-Jews, but each year I am asked by the other neighborhood moms, "You'll be having your annual Hanukkah party again, right?" Impressed by the interest, the willingness to learn, and the celebratory spirit of others... I just can't say no. Each year, usually by about the 300th latka and burn from the oil splatter, I admit that I have a moment of crankiness. I declare, "This is the last year we do this!" I vow to spend less on the festivities, give less gifts, retire from making hundreds of homemade holiday truffles for bosses and teachers, cease the humorous holiday cards (known for our interfaith witticism), and simplify the winter season altogether with LESS. The real reason I can't quit. Besides the fact that I love it? Nothing beats this time of year. Amid the chaos, I am reminded of the fact that I am throwing parties, creating holiday cards, baking and decorating... BECAUSE I CAN. I am the boss of me and I SAY it's time to take a break and enjoy the happiest time of the year. (I am giving YOU permission to do the same.) Six years ago, I was trapped by my corporate job, my limited paycheck, the captivity of the time card... and I had big dreams. Aspiring to one day have the kind of freedom that only a self-employed mom could occupy, I yearned to make my own decisions, participate in holiday recreation, and tell my kids "Yes, I can come to your preschool to demonstrate the lighting of the menorah... again." Because when we break it down, there is no expectation in the world of self-employment. The only pressure we truly feel is the kind we put on ourselves. Knowing that I can quit at anytime is enough to make the choice not to. So, on this week's show I am taking a break from the business talk and instead we're going have a little fun getting to know some television and film celebs. Both guests are friends of mine from my acting days, positively talented and unequivocally excellent in the parenting department. You've seen them everywhere... pegged "those actors" the ones who just keep showing up in your favorite films and TV programs. Never resting from their passion to create, Bob Clendenin and Jillian Armenante are always on the move.

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