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Placing your products on the shelfs

June 25, 201559 min
The further the journey, the more you will enjoy the ride. Its very easy for us to look at what we don't  have. Its even easier for us to take a look at what everyone else has - but if you are looking for solutions, that is not the way to go about it. I am constantly looking to align myself with people who are real go-getters. I am most inspired by those that possess a real human spirit and tenacity for life.  These are the people who I want to learn from, the ones who overcame a real struggle or unexpected curve ball thrown at them by life itself. The ones who never saw their lack of support or funding or less than desirable circumstances as an excuse to give up. These are the stories I get truly excited to share with you on This Little Parent Stayed Home, because they get you pumped up and feeling grateful for all the opportunity you already have.   Join me for a truly inspirational show on Friday when I introduce to you Vivian Tenorio, a brilliant and tenacious entrepreneur who quit

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