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Positive Thinking... Is it all just a bunch of hooey?

May 3, 201660 min
My friend, David Essel, doesn't believe in the power of positive thinking...
WHAT?! Why would I entertain such a preposterous idea???
Because I love David.
--AND--because he's always been an amazing guest in the past, I will always welcome him on our show.
I gotta admit, I am intrigued by what the title of his new book suggests. I am skeptical because positive thinking has always been my biggest intention--- with EVERYTHING. Have I had it wrong all along? With an open mind today, we are going to find out.

The bold title of his book is this:

“Positive Thinking Will NEVER Change Your Life… But This Book Will!”
With 30 years of work in the field of personal growth, David Essel is the author of 9 books on self-realization. He promises to reveal why the real ‘’secret to success’’ requires much more than positive thinking, affirmations or vision boards, and that no one ever changed their lives through positive thinking alone.

One thing I know for sure...
David is the real deal. He

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