This Little Parent Stayed Home

Raising Entrepreneurial Kids

May 31, 201458 min
These kids went from a-b-c to C-E-O. Have we been so consumed with our own home-based businesses that will allow us to take care of our kids, that we might have overlooked the notion of raising them to take care of themselves? We can play a large role in the kind of future our children have by exposing them to our own careers and engaging them in the freedoms that comes along with being financially independent. As an added bonus, if you are in need of some help funding your family's active lifestyle, perhaps you don't need to look past the little tenants residing in your home. Putting your tween on your payroll will not only provide you with outstanding tax benefits, it will also encourage their entrepreneurial spirit and teach them valuable financial lessons along the way. I've invited back my good friend, Sarah L. Cook - owner of Raising CEO Kids to Co-Host with me this week.Together we will be interviewing some of the most inspirational kiddos this generations has ever known. I am s

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