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Revolutionary Discoveries in Your Dreams

October 27, 201559 min
Transformative Living Through the Art of Dream Tending
Dreams FASCINATE me. As a lucid dreamer, it isn't at all uncommon for me to wake up in the morning with the intense desire to share my unconscious nighttime experiences with my husband.

"I had the craziest dream last night!"
Vivid and colorful, I am often visited by a vibrant array of familiar characters who are easily interchangeable with one another, dramatic landscapes, impossibly magnificent architectures, and mysteriously challenging scenarios. With dreams so action-packed and compelling, it's no wonder I love to sleep!

I like to believe that our dreams are gifts....
Filled with a deep wisdom that is far greater than our waking consciousness, dreams invite us to play in a bigger reality than the one we live in. Although sleep is a state of deep surrender, our subconscious minds can't help but show up creatively and create stories with images and emotions that are so unique and poetic we often can't transcribe them through la

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