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Rock your Biz While Rockin' Your Babies

February 8, 201457 min
Design your ideal life. If you are serious in creating a career that fits around your family's needs, you've got to get to know Leah Jantzen. Leah is a good friend, fellow radio host, and also like me, she is a mom on a mission. Leah is a shining example of a woman who has never backed down, rarely lets fear get in her way to soar to new possibilities, and has proven that it IS possible to create an environment that mirrors the most important values in your life including your family and your career. The thing I love about Leah is that she doesn't hold back when telling it like it is and always finds the fun and the warmth in the hard choices we have to make as moms. Like me, she is willing to share the deep and dirty truth about how she manages it all... even when the kids are sick and the house is a mess. Don't become engulfed in the minutia of what can't be done... not when there is a rainbow of possibilities! Get your inspiration from those that have already made it work and then apply it to your own situation. Thousands of moms are now paving the way for others to create their own wealth on their own terms. Take advantage! There is a New Boss in Town... It's your Kids. This week you'll want to join us as we dig deep and dish as the real work-at-home moms of Radio. We'll share our challenges, our solutions, and our dreams that keep feeding our desire to grow and keep on growing.

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