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Say Goodbye to your Inner Good Girl

March 2, 201457 min
What is the Good Girl? The “Good Girl” is an archetype that has different forms—the judge, the critic, the perfectionist, the people-pleaser to name a few. But no matter the form, the basis of the Good Girl has to do with feeling limited by society’s rules of what a woman should be. It has to do with playing small and feeling stuck in a prison of other people’s ideas. It has to do with feeling like we have to live up to the idea of being “good.” Many times the “good” part of us judges the “badass” part of us and we miss out on the truth of what it means to be a whole woman. Many women seem to come up against this archetype as we begin to explore our true selves and our real desires, or as we up-level our business and personal lives, or as we step into a bigger game that calls for us to be seen and heard. The Good Girl Gremlin seems to come up just as women are about to expand and grow… just as we are about to rock the center stage of our own life. What are some “Good Girl” symptoms? You may spend energy in guilt and shame You may play small and hide out You may have trouble speaking your truth or being seen You may feel distanced from your desires You may feel limited, judged, and boxed in by yours and other’s expectations Your mantra may be “I’m not ready” or I’m not good enough (to be seen, to create your desires, to take action on your truth) You may feel bad about wanting more (more abundance, more passion, more purpose) and yet at the same time, you know there is more for you This week, I am inviting my friends, Christina Dunbar and Regena Garrepy to join us on the show! These women founded the Bye Bye Good Girl Movement and are now healthy, whole, and yes–badass women! I can't wait for them to show you how to claim all of this for yourself so that you live from a place of authenticity, truth and power.

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