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Self Discovery: Not Just for Kids!

February 8, 201458 min
Turn your dreams into an actionable plan. Dreaming is the fun part, but creating a detailed and effective plan is a different story. It might seem to be less fun, but that is only because it is less familiar. A road less traveled usually leads to more abundant joyfulness. So the question is... Do you dare? Or do you delay? As women and mothers living in a culture that expects us to be all things to everyone- including ourselves- we often don't know where to start. Turn your passions into something that fuels and sustains you. This week we will be talking about how to get sizable results by broadcasting a quality message rather than a careless and impersonal blast that reaches a large quantity, but stimulates none. When you leverage your resources effectively, you will be able to identify your true value and find your most joyful purpose. Living authentically in this manner is the best way to parent with purpose. This week I will be introducing you to my friend and colleague, Executive Coach and Leadership Development Expert, Dori Klass. Together we will be discussing how to align our passions with how to become (and raise our children to become) contributing members of society.

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