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Selling is not a Dirty Word

June 25, 201559 min
Julie Steelman generated over $100 million in sales, left corporate America and retired at a young age to live in Hawaii with her husband. Isn't it time to turn your dream into reality? If you are like me, you hate the idea of selling, no matter what it is.... your products, someone else's products, your services, someone else's services... The very thought of asking someone for money might bring about nausea...and you are not alone. Then again, you work hard and you are as ready as ever to maximize your profits and boost your bank account balance. Torn much? Its time for us to have the "How to Sell" conversation, and there is no one better to help me with this topic than Julie Steelman. Most entrepreneurs trip over the cash-generating functions of their business because there are so many misperceptions about selling. That means most of us are leaving precious dollars on the table and forfeiting our right to live abundantly. The truth is, when your mind-set, heart-set and skill-set are

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