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Sibling Rivalry

May 27, 201459 min
Parents, Don't Fuel it. Defuse it.

Let’s face it – sibling spats are a part of life. In fact, sibling rivalry is not only inevitable, it’s a healthy way for kids to learn how to compromise and navigate relationships. But on the downside, the constant bickering can also wreak havoc on Mom’s nerves.

While even the occasional disagreement is normal, and even healthy, true sibling fighting is a highly emotional issue that can negatively impact family relationships, even into the adult years.
So, why can’t our children just get along?

“Moooommmmm, he hit me!”

This may not be music to your ears, but the fact is that WE AS PARENTS are often to blame in unknowingly encouraging sibling fighting.
Sibling Harmony is Attainable

All is not lost. With a few tweaks to your parenting style, you can make a big difference in how your children get a long with one another.
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