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Small Budgets for Small Business

June 25, 201560 min
Thanks to internet media, anything is possible. The truth is there are a million and one ways to cultivate your campaign and none of them should be overlooked as a possibility. We can start by exploring one of the hottest new trends that I happen to know a lot about: Being the host of your own radio show. This week I'll be inviting my boss, John Martin (or as I like to call him "Papa Togi") the owner of Toginet Radio, to talk about all you ever wanted to know about hosting your own talk radio hour. Its a great time to call in for questions! We'll be chatting a bit more about my COHOST for a DAY Campaign which will give you the opportunity to join me on the air live and learn all the ins and outs of broadcasting your message via internet radio! I will also be sharing with you some things that I've learned over the last 55 episodes that have helped me to grow my brand, land me on the top of the iTunes charts and allowed me to exceed my listenership goal by 500% in the last few months. In

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