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Sob Story to Success Story

September 13, 201667 min
Rejection is the mother of Reinvention.
What if we were ALL courageous enough to tell the TRUTH about our beautifully imperfect selves, our messy mommy lives, and our complicated relationships with our money?

What would that look like for YOU?

Our truth feels dangerously VULNERABLE, but...
Believe me when I say that coming to terms with YOUR real, raw and transparent TRUTH is about the most liberating thing you can do for yourself.

The TRUTH that you are willing to discover about yourself can result in a massive and life-changing break-through. I can tell you for CERTAIN that every one of us struggles with a lack of confidence and self-worth. We have VERY convincing arguments with ourselves for why we believe that we are deeply flawed, fundamentally broken and undeserving of what we TRULY desire.

The Path to Prosperity is lined with PROBITY.
No one can ever accuse me of being a fraud.
I've been criticized many times for OVER-SHARING especially during personal times of struggle ...

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