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Social Media for Maverick Mompreneurs

November 6, 201356 min
"There is a sea of possibility waiting for savvy entrepreneurs to navigate." - Captain of "online media", Sue B. Zimmerman You already know that I "cracked a code" using Twitter. Once I got over my fear of the big bad internet and realized its potential for us aa parent entrepreneurs, I began to explore the uncharted territories. What I discovered is unlimited possibilities to connect with our newest clients and our future fans. For the past two years I have taught more than 250 small businesses to learn what I know about social media. The biggest mindset "misconception" that I see out there among online business owners is that they seem to be jumping into new social media platforms BLINDLY --- (and because someone told them to)... without REALLY knowing WHY or HOW being on social media will directly effect their bottom line. It's all about focused strategy. Despite how you might feel on some days, the internet was NOT created to stress you out! It is an EXPANSIVE resource that... if we are strategic enough... can be a game changer for you and the amount of success you have. If it weren't for the internet, I never would have met "Sue B. Do"... my guest of the hour today. The parallels in our expertise and EXECUTION of our knowledge are razor sharp. If anyone understands and encompasses social media to her benefit in the same way that I have, it's Sue B Do. I discovered TWITTER and she discovered INSTAGRAM. It's a love story for sure, and a marriage filled with insight! Both of us discovered harnessing the power of these platforms to grow our business and boost our bottom lines EXPONENTIALLY. You are in for a real treat today when we reveal the powers of BOTH social media platforms, tips and tricks for staying ahead of the game, and how to make it all work for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

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