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Soulful Sales (4 those who hate selling)

March 18, 201459 min
Do you CHOKE when it comes to SALES?

Everybody obsesses to some extent or another about sales and having sales conversations, but I have seen far too many entrepreneurs with big visions BLOW IT with the wrong kind of selling tactic.

Aggressiveness is NOT always ideal. However, apprehension can be the reason you are not seeing the cash-flow that you and your business are worth.

No matter what you do, or how good you are at it, asking for the sale is a challenge for most people.

You are a passionate entrepreneur who's been working hard non-stop, maybe for a year or two...maybe far longer. You want to make GOOD money doing what you love - you CRAVE to make a living using your natural gifts and talents. Or, perhaps you are hesitating on your new "at home" career because you simply can't get passed the "selling" aspect.


The world NEEDS what you have to offer!

Imagine closing more deals, making more money, and actually enjoying the sales process because you’ve transformed it into the AUTHENTIC and powerful experience it’s meant to be.
This week, I will be introducing you to one of my favorite Entrepreneur Leaders for Women, Linda Albright. Linda helps women make good money with their divine gifts and talents. She has tripled her income each of the last few years, and is proof that we can make 6 figures without sacrificing our family values!
What we will be discussing on the show TODAY:

~The 3 KEY ELEMENTS to turn more prospects into clients, so you work less while making more money

~The #1 TOOL to shift your sales conversations from “sales-y” to soulful (most entrepreneurs miss this one!)

~How to turn “I can’t afford it” into “I can’t wait to start!”

~The top 3 ways to connect with your potential client, naturally so you enjoy the conversation and effortlessly make a sale

~How to get CLEAR and CONFIDENT when talking about pricing.

~The Top 3 Mistakes that Kill the Sale & Cost You Clients – and How To Avoid Them!

~The Top 3 Mindset Mistakes That Crush Your Soul and Kill the Deal – and How to Avoid Them!

We’ll go much deeper and dissect how to SOULFULLY sell your services, what to say to INCREASE your chances of making a sale, and how to handle that dreaded “I can’t afford it” line, and so much more.

Chat About Soulful Sales (4 those who hate selling)

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