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Sports Widows

April 25, 201458 min
If life is a contact sport... just seize the remote. I admit it. I am a disenfranchised companion of a hopeless sports fanatic. Every year during the baseball season and then during football season…and then again during basketball and hockey season, I become a sports widow. My usually amazing, supportive and attentive husband disappears into an alternate universe. He becomes engrossed in our TV and is oblivious to anything occurring outside of the flat screen. He is visually as well as audibly impaired and deprived of common reality. Not only do I lose my husband's mental state to the sports world, I lose him emotionally as well. Suddenly his moods become dependent on how his team performed that day. During the season, my family also gets to witness overly superstitious behavior bordering on OCD. I don't just mean wearing a favorite shirt or chanting a team mantra- I mean the belief that if he doesn't eat the right food or sit in the perfect position- that he personally will have a neg

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