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Staying the Course ...with Surrender.

November 1, 201660 min
Exciting News!
Thank you for letting your voice be heard! We love knowing that you still have a desire to keep our weekly radio show going... and we are happy to announce that we have found a way! After 7 years, This Little Parent Stayed Home is heading back to a studio where we'll be able to continue bringing you quality content, progressive conversations and support in Parenting, Business and Self-Development... and... we'll once again be able to take callers! (more details at a later time...)

Unless you LET GO, you won't be able to MOVE FORWARD.
Possibly one of the greatest lessons I have learned during this demanding, mystifying and enlightening year is the power of SURRENDER. After thrashing about in a pool of struggle and becoming VERY CLOSE to drowning in my own insignificant efforts, the ultimate solution was revealed when I chose to forfeit my energy to the flow of the current.

It wasn't long after I let go that the rewards began to surface. Dare I say... I've been almost OV

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