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March 5, 201457 min
What is the SPARKLE EFFECT? Much like the butterfly that has the ability to alter the weather with a simple flap of its wings, we have the power to create change...within ourselves, in the children we raise, in the businesses we build, and in the world we live in. It all starts with a simple mind-shift. The Sparkle Effect is a lot like the Butterfly Effect... only fancier. Last week I talked about a profound experience I'd gotten fully engrossed in, and how amidst a busy schedule I'd found myself reaching out to a complete stranger who was in the process of breaking out of a violent and abusive marriage and rebuilding a new life for herself and her 3 children. Learning about Chrissy Harmon's brush with death after being beaten by her husband rocked my core, had me up until 3am desperately trying to track her down, and ultimately landed her a possible opportunity to get massive support through a reality series on OWN TV. Listen to last week's show now--->. There is no better way for us to break out of our entitlement attitudes than to see someone who might not have it so easy. As parents and business people, we can't help but want to leave our mark on the world. Often, we become so busy we don't stop to notice how much we are already making a difference. Are you aware of you sphere of influence? When you blog, do you think about who might be affected by your words? When you post a simple facebook status update or send out a tweet, do you give much thought to the impact you may be having on a single person who may be browsing several months after you posted? This week, please welcome Kristi Lynn Olson, an Entrepreneur Success Strategist for Women. If you are tired of being invisible and insignificant, and ready to share your unique gifts and talents with the world- you'll want to get to know Kristi. An expert in helping women unlock their true sparkle and discover their purpose, Kristi will be joining us Friday to share tips and tricks that will be sure to get you noticed.

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