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Strength of Purpose as a Leader

January 2, 201560 min
Don't let your visions of success frighten you. As parents and business leaders, we are also visionaries... and that can be overwhelming for those of us balancing a full schedule of family, home and business. Making room for our own sense of purpose can feel irrepressible and disorganized...until we see an example of someone who has already achieved the kind of success we'd like for ourselves. Last week, we talked about surrounding ourselves with positive people and how that can create a clear path to victory. This week I'd like to talk about adopting behaviors and philosophies of those we admire and look up to. For this very in depth look at ourselves as front runners in our own ambitions, I am bringing on a woman who I have admired for years, Susan Lyne. When I first met Susan, I'd just about had it with corporate jobs, the temping pool and narrow-minded bosses. I might have completely lost my faith in the American workplace as well as in my own ability to deliver adequately as an em

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