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Success in Biz thru Sensuality & Passion

March 25, 201458 min
SEX is not a dirty word. As you probably have already guessed, we are going to get into some juicy conversations this Friday. So often we tip toe around topics like pleasure and passion...and as a result we may be denying ourselves abundant wealth, health and quality of life. Yep, sex is a necessary topic. The word has gotten a bad rap over the last several decades and yet it is one of the most natural ways to boost health and stamina, increase immunity, creativity and productivity as well as earn a better income. So if you want to put the sexy back into your business (as well as the bedroom) you won't want to miss Friday's show! WHAT? SEX can help me grow my business? Yes, absolutely. Ever hear of Oxytocin? Known as the "love hormone", it helps women to love, bond and call upon their most creative channels. So wouldn't it make sense to take full advantage of... this natural hormone when we are experiencing disconnect with ourselves, our partners, and even our businesses? Has This Little Parent Stayed Home gone ... porn?? Not at all. But we won't hold back on sharing any relevant topic with you. This week I am going to bring on my friend, Bonnie Gayle, the inventor of a product called Sex Butter. You won't want to miss her incredible story of how she found success with a product that so many people shied away from.

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