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The Map to Hidden Money

February 24, 201560 min
From Woes to Wealth
Money is... such an odd thing... isn't it?

It's become an even more avoided topic than religion, sex or politics. Why is it so taboo? An Emotionally Charged Topic of Avoidance Money, according to researchers, is top of mind for most individuals over the age of 25, the #1 reason couples fight, the leading cause of divorce and the biggest stress contributor in health issues, including heart failure and cancer.
YET--- when asked what ONE THING a person would wish for that would make EVERYTHING better, most people say "money".
Quit working hard for your money... and learn how to let money work for


Money is the life force of your business AND your beloved family. Without it,

you will not be able to contribute your purposeful gifts the way that you

were meant to.

Tune into today's show if you:

▪ feel stressed about money on a daily basis.

▪ feel trapped in a business that is barely bringing in enough to stay afloat.

▪ feel bombarded and overwhelmed wit

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