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The New Age of Equality

May 13, 201460 min
The New Age of Equality....

How do you measure FULFILLMENT?

The feminine revolution has allowed us to be either breadwinners --OR-- caregivers... or even some combination of both. When we first made the decision to work at home, we were willing to make sacrifices... but are we still committed to living a simpler life? Maybe its time we change our definition of success.
A Reassessment of the Family Narrative

The "new equality" is no longer exclusive to gender roles. Real EQUALITY means valuing FAMILY just as much as Career. The truth is that career and family reinforce one another. In fact, caretakers who ARE ALSO breadwinners have a proven track record in this decade... perhaps it's because we've ALLOWED ourselves to have a broader range of experiences-- therefore allowing ourselves to embrace (without apology!) our capabilities and creative ideas.


This is absolutely the age of SOLUTION. So, if you have a challenge... well... let's just say you better figure out a

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